Campaigns are promotional events for your Shopify store. Their primary goal is to help you promote your store merchandise. But they can also be used for variety of other reasons like:

  • Order attribution survey: Asking which channel (Facebook, Instagram, direct etc.) your customers came through

  • Usage Instructions: To show usage manual, videos etc. for your product or service

  • Generate feedback: Asking for customer's feedback on their checkout experience

  • Collection information: Asking for customer's birthday, anniversary or other special dates

  • Grow audience: Asking customers to subscribe and/or to your social networks

At the very minimum a campaign will have:

  • Name: To identify it for analytics purpose
  • Channel: One of Post-purchase or Thank you page to determine when this campaign should be shown to your customers.
  • Template: The widgets you want to show on the selected channel. Also referred to as the Offer.

But when needed you can also customize and have full featured campaigns that have:

  • Start and end date: For automatic start and end. Time limited campaigns create urgency and help you close more sale.
  • Eligibility criteria: For fine grained control on which campaign is shown to which customers. You can set various rules based on Customer's profile (their purchase history, tags, country), products/variants in the order or the order/checkout value.
  • Tags: For categorizing the campaign. You can have multiple campaigns tagged with BFCM and track all their performance from one single dashboard.


When you customer places and order, they go through a number of steps to complete the order. The campaign channel determines on which step you want to show your offer.

We currently support both the channels available on Shopify:

  1. Post purchase: Post purchase step appears right after the payment has been authorized but before the order confirmation/status page. If an offer is accepted here, it can be clubbed together with the original order and will not result in multiple orders.
  2. Thank you: The Thank you page appears after the order has been finalized. Since the order is finalized, an offer accepted here will result in additional orders.